Macbeth? This is the question

Macbeth? That is the question. You may be wondering why am I mixing Shakespeare’s quotes. I answer you that I did it on purpose to recreate the feeling I had for the whole “Macbeth?” play, which was held on the 8th of March at the Civic Theatre in Schio.
Macbeth starts with a question mark, as you might have noticed from the title. First of all, because the male and female roles are both played by female actresses, something that wouldn’t have been possible during the Elizabethan period. This could be a good point to criticize the play, but I will give you anotherĀ  one: the entire play is a readaptation of the original script in modern Italian. Would you still call it a Shakespeare inspired play?
At this point it would be obvious to discard this play and to start spreading bad critics on it. This is the prejudice the spectator may have before going on the stage (literally) and to watch the play. During the theatrical piece, Macbeth seems to display this fears upon you and you can actually feel the male-female power in the air. There are no barriers between the actor and the spectators and all the viewers seem to become one with the play.
As a result I would raccomend you this drama, because at the end you may have that question mark typed in your thoughts, to make you keep questioning who you are as a human being.
Shakespeare would be proud of the message this revision of one of his most famous scripts spreads.
Cristina Alina Vaduva